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SUN 10/21/2018 21:09
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Become a Legend of Alterra!

Oct 19, 2017
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Join an epic, action-packed RPG adventure from Spacetime Studios: creators of the world's biggest and best mobile MMO games. Sequel to the original hit mobile MMO Pocket Legends! 

Pocket Legends Adventures features an innovative real-time combat system, unique skill-based advancement, endless Character customization, and the finest multiplayer in the mobile gaming universe! Take your role playing experience to a whole new level!


Anthony L 10 months

When is game koming out to US residents 
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PLM Bunny Official admin 10 months

Hi sorry about the wait on the game. We have yet to be informed when this is releasing. We're sorry for the inconvenience, but feel free to check out some games launching in a few days like Jumanji, Treasure Raiders, and BarbarQ!

Kayla M 9 months

Still no update on when its coming out? 
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PLM Bunny Official admin 9 months

Not yet Kayla :(

iuri g 7 months


Mistah M 4 months

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DarkPhoenix G about 1 month

Its been released they skipped this app