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THU 12/14/2017 10:53
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    World of mana

    Created by xSPT81x . on Oct 11, 2017

    This is the exact same game as world of mana isn't it?




    Olivier D 2 months

    Looks like it was warstorm then world of mana now magic orc

    xSPT81x . 2 months

    But a different company ?
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    Hero Game Official admin about 2 months

    Yes, @xSPT81x .  @xSPT81x .  It's world of mana.    We make optimized and release again. Invite you to attend pre-reigister.  ^_^ 

    xSPT81x . about 2 months

    So when this launches we will be competing with the other 20 or so servers in cross server events Where they are already lv MAX with 5 Sun heroes?

    SALMAN D about 2 months

    The cross server part is ridiculous I dont understand the point of cross server battles
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    Sophia s 28 days

    Wow World of mana come back!  When will iOS version released?