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    Onmyoji's First Event to Win SSR!

    Jan 8, 2018
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    Dear PLMers
    It's time for Onmyoji's first event!
    What's a Shikigami you ask? Shikigami are Onmyoji's most helpful and able assistants in battle! Don't let their cute looks fool you -- they're the fiercest of battle companions!
    Join now for your chance to get an SSR Shikigami!
    Event Details:
    1. Each account can summon 3 times a day. Share on Facebook or Twitter to get one extra summon.
    2. Once the Shikigami is summoned, you can choose to save or discard the Shikigami. If you choose to save this Shikigami, it will overwrite the previous Shikigami you have saved.
    3. You can claim the Shikigami you have saved at the end of the event. Each game character can only claim one Shikigami.
    4. If you missed the event or forgot to save your Shikigami, you can still get a random shikigami after the game has officially launched.
    Event Time: Jan. 5 - Jan. 24 11:59 PM EST
    Shikigami Exchange Time: Jan. 25 - Feb. 25 11:59 PM EST
    Note: Please use your mobile device for the best experience!

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    Stefano P 5 months

    What did you get so far tho?
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    Obeyxwhiz G 5 months

    Yea, I just have never seen that before (: I need an ssr asap. I have patience though XD lol
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    Stefano P 5 months

    Haha yeah you got till 24th
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    Cognizant(x)Night T 5 months


    David W 5 months

    SSR ebisu here

    Md.Akhtar N 5 months

    If I play with soft launch , so will I receive pre registration rewards ?

    Md.Akhtar N 5 months

    After officially launch
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    PLM Bunny Official admin 5 months

    Yes ^
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    kevin w 5 months

    All lies.cant get a summon

    Tiong Kung Yii 5 months

    u need use mobile chrome to summon