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TUE 1/16/2018 12:51
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Created by Masanime L on Jan 1, 2018

Paradise of a long-standing clam and has reigned over many games we are coming to this game if anyone wants to join do please leave something in the chat Paradise will rule once again. Anyone want in?


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Masanime L 4 days

Goodness just how many are going to join Paradise?

Josh K 4 days

At least one more. Count me in.

Ramadon F 4 days

Count me in! 
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Masanime L 4 days

All shall be welcomed to Paradise
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Braxton M 3 days

I'm down, count me in.

Cheyne E 2 days

I'm in =)
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Obeyxwhiz G 2 days

There is a similar gme to this called game of dice, for any ppl who are bored atm. I hope we get an update on this game though. 
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Bunny | P about 18 hours

It's coming out soon!
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Masanime L about 2 hours

Just a reminder who is going to join Paradise will be the best Gilder is or Clan or team whatever works

Seth R 20 minutes

sounds cool! I'll join

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