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Final Fantasy Awakening - System Introduction

Jan 26, 2018
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We’d like to introduce you guys about Final Fantasy Awakening's system. Here are the 4 major systems: Combat, Arena, Team Dungeon and Battle of Kings.

A core system of PVE mode. An important mode to obtain Heroes Shards and Materials to Rank Up Heroes. 

A core system of PVP mode at an earlier stage. Battle other players to climb up in a Ranking to get rewards for Individual Highest Ranking and Daily Ranking rewards. 

★Team Dungeon★
A core Interaction mode. Invite other players to form a Team, this mode strengthens communication between players. This is the only mode that offers free Eidolon Power. 

★Battle of Kings★
The system will automatically match 2 players to engage in a battle. Players can increase their own Ranking in this mode, the higher the Ranking, the better the rewards.

Next is the introduction about Final Fantasy Awakening's Revenue model.

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Eli C over 2 years

Is the team dungeon just purely invitational? Can you only invite people through in game friend codes or through social media as well?

Laura V over 2 years

It wouldnt surprise me if you can auto pair with a few players if you dont have anyone to manually invite.