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Feb 3, 2018
Dear Players,

The Final Fantasy: Awakening is launched now.

For Android device:
1.Direct download the APK(no region limit) 
2.Use Google Play( available in Australia, Cambodia, India, Laos, Myanmar , New Zealand, the Philippines)

For iOS device:
Our iOS version isn't released yet, please kindly wait, please follow our Facebook for further news.

Thanks for your love!

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Nisten H about 2 years

updated apk (v. 1.13.2)

Joshua A about 2 years

Why did you restrict it in the USA? 
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Adam L about 2 years

That's a good question and I contacted them through Facebook and they told me that the previous reg ended months ago and that's why the codes don't work. what's the point of enticing us with the codes
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Ian C about 2 years

Can't use the link...
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Adam L about 2 years

I had to go to the website to get the apk file just to play it and yes its in English too.
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Ian C about 2 years

Word. I'll have to go to the site. Thanks.
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Adam L about 2 years

Np bro the game is pretty good and worth it too 

Ronald B about 2 years

Can't use code, invalid ****
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Adam L about 2 years

Default profile

Matthew D almost 2 years

Any word on the update? Finally got to play today but they released an update and I can't find it.