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The Beginning of Adventure

Feb 9, 2018
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The Beginning of Adventure-Verselle
A transport hub, adjacent to seaport, and has a relatively developed land transportation network, which has been prosperous for hundreds of years.  Many ethnics living here together, and more guilds headquarter in this neutral city.There are many towers in the city. 
As big houses become more and more wealthy, their towers become higher and higher. The four largest houses in the city are also known as the Four Elders, and only their towers are allowed to be painted by amber color. The four great houses directly serve the supreme leader of Verselle - The Saintess. 
Notes of Verselle    
The elves are basically artists and scholars raised by the nobles, but it's said that they have ruled human long time ago. 
Trivia of Emberstar Continent   
From the map, Verselle is between the two most powerful countries on Emberstar Continent. 
Celebrity Quotations    
"Verselle is like the last counterweight to balance the scale in the region. Any offense to the city is not allowed. " - Last Lionheart Duchy

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Laura V about 2 years

Is this what the quality of the english will be like? The constant grammar mistakes rub me the wrong way lol