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Soft Launch In April 2018

Feb 10, 2018
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Hear ye~ Hear ye~!

In the name of Light, here, the council of Rumriel City, declare the soft launch of the greatest ARPG will be in April 2018.

In order to welcome all incoming warriors , the council decided to host a celebration carnival. 
Join the pre-launch event now to obtain great rewards including an unique title: Pioneer of Light and other abundant supplies. Additionally, if there are more than 3000 warriors join us, the council will continue to supply more rewards.
May the Light bless you, warrior.
For more information, please check Rumeriel Council’s bulletin board, here is the portal:


Laura V 11 months

Ha, greatest arpg. Seriously though, i don't have much hype for the game, but I hope it's better than a typical p2w game at least.
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Dark E 11 months

Dilly Dilly
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Manda P 11 months

The game looks promising.. I hope we can reach 3k 
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Nisten H 11 months

Dilly Dilly!

Nick H 11 months

Nice Looks, everybuddy come on! lets reach 3k and get the higher pack~

Elane Xu 11 months

I love it~so cute!!!

CC X 11 months

babe come on!

Nick H 11 months