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Fighter Introduction

Feb 12, 2018
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In the name of Light, here, the council of Rumriel City are hiring 4 types of players, as also known as 4 major classes in our Great Rumriel City. 

One class of players we are looking for are Fighters! They are the real muscle in the battlefield to fight against the dark army of Bazut!

Fighters are the only melee class! They like to fight the battle at the very frontline, use their shield to protect team mates and charge to decimate the enemy! If you pursue for the charm of melee, fighter is your choice! 

Fighters have high HP, balanced attack and defense, and most importantly, quite easy to control. Check their shining armor and shield, fighters are very reliable in the battle.

Fighters can doge from enemies’ attack, and all enemies within 3 meters will be slowed down when Fighter uses Relentless Strike. Focus Slash can create further damage, while continuous Hurricane Slash can even stun the enemy. Fighters are the tempo controller in the battlefield!

Talented and skilled fighter needed! Join us to make Rumriel great again!!! For more information, please check Rumeriel Council’s bulletin board, here is the portal:


Nick H 8 months

Ok , ok, Im in!

Tiantang Mofa 8 months

Seems good, similar with Dragon Nest

Leslie S 8 months

I hope there is a hunter/rogue/assassin class. Much prefer those over mage/wizards and warriors.
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Justin H 8 months

"Fighters and doge enemies..."

Tiantang Mofa 8 months

What about other characters?

CC X 8 months


Nick H 8 months