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TUE 12/18/2018 19:09

Is the game bad?

Created by Lazarnephz on Apr 12, 2018

Most conversations I've been seening is the game crashing or the dev team lying about censorship. Is this stuff all true? All these conversations are old and i just found out this game released


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Resize,m lfit,w 300

Lazarnephz 8 months

I'm maybe 12 days or so late, should i install?

Anonymous 8 months

ok  to try, the dam bug make me lose 2 days of login reward lol
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Lazarnephz 8 months

Bugs? No ty. Oh and i saw a censored gaming video on this game.  Apparently this censorship thing was big enough to attract attention 
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Lazarnephz 8 months

And the way i saw crunchy roll talk about it. Ugh, i hate them even more than i did before.

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