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FRI 4/20/2018 05:49
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    by Oasis Games Limited

    Launch:May 2018




      Open Beta Download Link: https://app.adjust.com/9pukpm
      Official website:
      Facebook fanpage
      Ocean Legend is a real sailing adventure MMORPG mobile game with the background of the “Age of Discovery” in 15th century. In that time, because of the dream or the treasure, many sailors and pirates were appeared and set sail to the unknown ocean to explore the world.
      “The real sailing”
      Highly restore the weather and time, the sun rise and the sun set. Restore the real sailing voyage. Multiple warships for you to choose: a battleship for battle, a merchantman for the trade, a exploration ship for adventure.
      “The sea battle in 15th century”
      Multiple combat options available: challenge the pirate with your teammates or to make a duel with the other captain, it’s all on you. But remember, your cannon can only shoot to right or left, because this is in 15th century!
      “Do a trade on your own”
      Buy in low and sell in high to make the profit to max. Buy some cheese, buy some salt, and don’t forget to buy gold from West Africa. Be fast and try to predict because the price will change per minute.
      “Various selections for you”
      Four characters and five countries are waiting for you to choose. To be an artillerist in England or to be a diviner in France, it’s all up to you.
      North American

      *Above are subject to change on launch

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