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    by ThumbAge





      Interplanet – A Galactic Sci-Fi.Strategy Game
      Commander! We are waiting for your order to EXPAND our space base. Upgrade your base and build your fleets for GALACTIC EXPLORATION & COMBAT. Make your way through and conquer the GALAXY!
      ✩ Story
      At the edge of critical crisis, humanity migrated from their home planet to the stars with the help from the alien Anxo Alliance. Anxo seek for peace and balance of the galaxy, but humanity wants to survive and expand their territory. Anxo or human, in space, all must battle to survive.
      ✩ Adventure
      Venture in the world of interplanet with the grand story, the war between races, and the fate of the galaxy. Who would you choose? Anxo or Human?
      ✩ Upgrade 
      Upgrade your ECO base for advanced technology and expanding your power.
      Craft and upgrade your fleets to sail the galaxy and extinguish your enemies!
      ✩ Explore
      Explore the galaxy and migrate your ECO base to a resource-rich planet for advantages over your enemies.
      ✩ Plan
      Plan unique combat strategies with countless combinations during or before the battle. Use tactics to easily defeat your enemies. MIND over POWER.
      ✩ Defense
      Defend your space base using variety of turrets, mines, and your powerful spaceships.
      ✩ Raid
      Loot your enemies’ space bases to revenge and take all the resources they have. With a perfect plan and a powerful fleet looting is easy as 1-2-3.
      ✩ Guild
      CREATE or JOIN a guild with your friends to receive BIGGER rewards! Expand your base faster when your guildmate supports you!
      ✩ Conquer
      Dominate new planets with your Guild Members to mine new UNIQUE RESOURCES. Everyone needs allies to shine.
      ✩ Supported Language
      ✩ Minimum Requirements of Device
      Android: 4.2 or higher - Device with RAM 1GB or higher
      iOS: 8.0 or higher - Device iPhone 6s or higher 
      ✩ Official Fan Page:
      English, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Spanish, German, French

      *Above are subject to change on launch



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