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MON 5/21/2018 15:38
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Launch:Late May 2018




• Fly and discover the uncharted territory;
• Experience the mythical world with your serendipity; 
• Say No to Pay-to-win, the allies matters

Tale of Swords-Eternal Love is a revolutionary 3D 720°FREE DUAL FLYING MMORPG . The sacred sword was divided into five separate ones. It is the destiny that summons you to explore and safeguard the ancient mythological world. Where are the swords and your eternal love? Let the adventure begin…

Key Features
REVOLUTIONARY 3D EXPERIENCE  -- Full 3D graphics, Stunning visuals. Brilliant special effects, fluid animations keep the combat fast and furious.
720°FREE Dual FLYING -- 720°dual flying freely through the sky, explore the ancient mythology world.  
Cross Server PvP -- Fierce combat on floating islands, against rival factions to claim in-game territory and gain. 
Constantly Evolving World-- Regularly updated with extensive content, including server-wide events to challenging end-game dungeons.
Deep Customization-- Customize to your heart’s desire with a deep character creation system. (Custom your way deep into character with unique individuality).
No-UI Selfie –Take Selfies in the high visual quality world fades out the boundary of reality and fantasy, and enables you integrated into the game.
LOVELY BATTLE PETS--  Tame and upgrade a variety of pets, building them into powerful companions.
390 MB
Android & iOS
North American, Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia

*Above are subject to change on launch

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