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MON 5/21/2018 15:36
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Tale of Swords-Eternal Love Start Pre-Registration!

May 1, 2018
Hi PLMers,

Tale of Swords-Eternal Love is a revolutionary 3D 720°FREE DUAL FLYING MMORPG. 
The sacred sword was divided into five separate ones. It is the destiny that summons you to explore and safeguard the ancient mythological world. Where are the swords and your eternal love? Let the adventure begin…

We also prepare the special gifts for you all:
Normal prize for everyone:
Bound Gold*200
Costume PackII*1
Epic Title*1

Bouns gifts when the reservation reaches 1000:
Epic Exclusive Weapon *1
Lv.1 Refining Stone *5
Silver *58888

Bouns gifts when the reservation reaches 2000:
Bound Gold *400
Dyelng Rune *2
Pet Lucky Bag *5

Bouns gifts when the reservation reaches 5000:
Random Lv.2 Gem *3
Lv.1 Refining Stone *10
Silver *100000

Bouns gifts when the reservation reaches 10000:
Bound Gold *600
Yin&Yang Essence *20
Random Lv.2 Gem *10

The game will be released in late May 2018. Hope you guys enjoy the game!

Tale of Swords:Eternal Love Team & PLM Team


octavia b 15 days

can'т waιт тo play тнιѕ looĸѕ ѕo epιc

Diamond W 6 days

Epic like age of wushu plz make it fair economy you will make more money