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SUN 3/29/2020 07:24
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Created by PLM on Apr 4, 2018

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michael m almost 2 years

Persistence and dumb luck?:)
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Vlad P almost 2 years

I think it was form the 5th shot..
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Vlad P almost 2 years

Dumb luck

WafflesDoe Y almost 2 years

What happened to early May? We're basically half way through may
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Rodney C almost 2 years

Hopefully they release it soon
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Tapfuns Official admin almost 2 years

Dear player, our game will be released soon.We're working as hard as we can to offer you the best gaming experience. We promise we'll release it as soon as possible. Thanks for your understanding.

Ed W almost 2 years

Will still be released this month? 
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Fury G almost 2 years

Thank you for telling us, but could we be given  Estimated release time? 

Sonic 1 almost 2 years

All they will say is soon. They are not able to give an actual date. They believe "mid may" is an actual date. I tried asking before. I have been playing Hyper Heroes in the meantime and having fun!

Hà H almost 2 years

Is this game is same kingdom defenders?