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FRI 6/5/2020 12:51
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Just another p2w?

Created by Matthew P on Apr 24, 2018

From what it looks like this will be a shard game with I'm assuming a VIP bonus or some **** that makes the pvp impossible for anyone who doesn't pay. Correct me if I got any of this wrong.




Matthew P about 2 years

I have seen like 50+ games that are like this under the same system with the same features and the same kind of UI.

ChinLy Z about 2 years

yeah,vip system + many servers = trash game
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Tapfuns Official admin about 2 years

Dear Players, We're working as hard as we can to offer you the best gaming experience.Thanks for your support and understanding. Please kindly download the game to get a further experience.
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Rell Y about 2 years

where are the codes the game been released and I won the grand prize ss character