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TUE 8/14/2018 12:41
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giftpack bug (1 hero piece)

Created by Poppace Inc. on Jul 30, 2018

Some of the users may get wrong PLM gift pack of only 1 piece of hero, instead of a full hero. Please leave your sever and ingame name here. I will recover the mistake ASAP.


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汪英杰 9 days


Quyên Phạm 8 days

S4 QuinQuin
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Poppace Inc. Official admin 5 days

Gift are recovered. Please check the rest 29 hero fragments from ingame mail box.
Except QuinQuin. We find that you didn't claim yet. Did you receive code from PLM?

Dong N 5 days

S4 MrD

Adrian B 4 days

Roxis server 9 want my starter gift plz

The T 3 days

S8  IGN Tom

The T 2 days

Sv8 Tom
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Poppace Inc. Official admin 1 day

Hi  Tom, I sent the giftcode by email. Please check.
Hi Roxis, Please inform me of your email. I will send the giftcode to you

Adrian B 1 day

Nvm u emailed me one thx now iam banned after useing it like wtf
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Poppace Inc. Official admin about 12 hours

Your account was banned, since GM find that your account was related to 8 google deals of malicious refund of $30. Please check. If there is any misunderstandings between us, just let me know.