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FINAL DESTINY: Last sneak peak out NOW!

Jun 22, 2018
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Article 3: Information on Beast, Smelting, and Titles

Last sneak peak article on Final Destiny, be sure to pre-register before it launches!

First off, apparently players can earn beasts in Final Destiny by simply task dropping or getting Beast Eggs. 
Beast quality is also showed through colour, with the ascending colours of white, green, blue, purple, gold and red (the same as gear). Much like heroes and gear, the higher the quality is, the stronger the basic attributes, growth attributes, guardian capacity, and higher the probability of acquiring more advanced Beast skills. Beasts gain experience by swallowing Beast Fragments.
Once a beasts reaches their full level, they can consume a specified amount of materials to further advance. Once they are advanced, they become level 1 of the next quality colour.
The higher the quality of the beast, the stronger the guardian capacity.

What is smelting in the game? Well players can smelt extra gear, beasts, and materials. By doing so, the system will generate corresponding resources and furnace experience based on the value of the items placed into it. The higher the smelting level, the more item types there will be in the Smelting Store.
Higher value items that are smelted will produce better resources. Gear cultivation consumption will also be calculated in the value. It is also possible to obtain Smelting Points by smelting. These points can be used to exchange for appropriate gear, fragments and consumables at the Smelting Shop!

Last but not least information on titles! 
Within the game players can activate different titles by reaching specific conditions and criteria.
However, characters can only use one title at any given time to obtain its attribute bonus.
Certain titles have time limits and can only be used for a limited period of time once, the you the player, activates it.

Pre-Register as soon as possible before launch! 

Happy gaming in the meantime, 
- PreLaunch.Me Team

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Kira almost 2 years

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loven almost 2 years


FINAL DESTINY: Hero / Star Stone Info out NOW!

Jun 20, 2018
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Article 2: Information on Heroes / Star Stones

Curious about you can earn heroes and what star stones are in Final Destiny? If so, read on! 

While gaming, players can earn heroes through gaining lottery or garment synthesis. A single hero can wear up to 4 pieces of equipment. A hero quality can also be identified by colour, ascending from blue, to purple, to gold, and red (awakening). The higher the quality of the hero the stronger the stats a hero will have. A hero can consume the hero's corresponding fragment to improve the star rating, which increases the hero stats. The highest star rating is 6 stars. Higher quality heroes will have higher initial star ratings. As their star rating increases, additional hero skills will start to unlock.
Players can also improve their hero’s experience level by exploring dungeons. EXP Potions can also help a hero level up quickly. Note that a hero’s level cannot be higher than the main character's level (team level).
After a hero skill is unlocked, the player can consume Gold coins to increase the skill level, but again the skill level cannot exceed the hero’s level. Some specific hero combinations will gain combination skills.

When you earn your hero, your hero will have an initial corresponding constellation based on the settings. Hole colours and the opening sequence will differ for every constellation. Colours include red, green, blue, purple and gold. Once a hero’s level increases by 10, a new hole will unlock!
Star Stones are also divided into different colours including red (attack), green (life), blue (physical defence), and purple (magic defence). Players can embed these Star Stones into the same colour holes to obtain the corresponding Star Stone attribute. There are also gold holes that can be embedded into any colour Star Stone.
Players can also get Star Stones by challenging the Hell Tower. Players with Three low-level Star Stones can be craft the stones into a higher-level Star Stone. Players have the chance in receiving a Mutated Star Stone in each craft attempt, which is far more powerful and valuable. 
Using Mutated Star Stones in crafting or consuming Lucky Stones increase your chances in receiving more Mutated Star Stones!

Stay tuned for more information on how to earn titles, what beasts are, and what smelting is! 

Remember to Pre-Register while waiting, 
- Prelaunch.Me Team

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Kira almost 2 years

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loven almost 2 years

yes, great game!

Final Destiny: Gear and Outfit Info out now!

Jun 18, 2018
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Article 1: Final Destiny Outfits / Gear

Have you guys pre-register for Final Destiny yet?
Here is a little sneak peak for the outfit and gears characters can have. 

Apparently throughout the game there are outfit fragments to redeem different available outfits. Outfits can also be upgraded by using outfit fragments to further enhance its attributes. 
One of the best parts of a characters outfit is that not only can you activate the outfits attribute bonuses, but the bonuses  still remains active even if the outfit is not worn. 
Players in the game can also collect a full set of three suits (including weapons, clothing and wings), and once they do additional attribute bonuses will active! 

Players can also earn gear fragments by dungeon drops, completing tasks, and shopping! 
You can tell gear quality by how the gear quality is ascending in colour from white, green, blue, purple, gold, and red. The higher the quality of the gear, the strong the initial stats will be, leading to stronger and faster growing stats. 
Players can also enhance gear stats by consuming Gold coins and Enhance Stones. The higher the gear level and quality, the more gold coin and enhance stones are deserved. But, the gear enhancement level cannot exceed the main characters level! 
The gear also has random polish attribute, and players can consume polish stones to improve these attributes. 
One last thing, players can also receive smelting points, with a chance to produce gear garments of higher quality than the original gear!

Excited? We are! 

Remember to pre-register!
- PreLaunch.Me Team

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loven almost 2 years



Jun 11, 2018
Dear PLM Gamers, 

After a night of hard fighting with the server, we bring this new RPG game to you guys.
This new RPG game have plenty of EPIC HEROES to build up a strong team. You can also choose many cute 3D cute pets and characters.

Be sure to pre-register for the game now to be able to win the pre-registration prize!
This prize includes Gems*300, Stormeir*1, Stamina Potion*1, Energy Potion Ⅱ *1!

Good Luck Gamers and Have fun pre-registering! 
- PreLaunch.Me Team


ruy m about 2 years

hi the yputybe video have loading servere problems because i try to watch it in my phone that have all the 4glte signal amd in a few seconds later of play it freeze and no matter what i do itdothesame
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Poppace Inc. Official admin about 2 years

It's ok on my side. Will it be other reasons, like network or not enough RAM...

Tabryne F about 2 years

Ruy - Play the video in the YouTube app or webpage. I found this happens to me when I try to view it through the Prelaunch.me app too.