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Final Destiny: Gear and Outfit Info out now!

Jun 18, 2018
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Article 1: Final Destiny Outfits / Gear

Have you guys pre-register for Final Destiny yet?
Here is a little sneak peak for the outfit and gears characters can have. 

Apparently throughout the game there are outfit fragments to redeem different available outfits. Outfits can also be upgraded by using outfit fragments to further enhance its attributes. 
One of the best parts of a characters outfit is that not only can you activate the outfits attribute bonuses, but the bonuses  still remains active even if the outfit is not worn. 
Players in the game can also collect a full set of three suits (including weapons, clothing and wings), and once they do additional attribute bonuses will active! 

Players can also earn gear fragments by dungeon drops, completing tasks, and shopping! 
You can tell gear quality by how the gear quality is ascending in colour from white, green, blue, purple, gold, and red. The higher the quality of the gear, the strong the initial stats will be, leading to stronger and faster growing stats. 
Players can also enhance gear stats by consuming Gold coins and Enhance Stones. The higher the gear level and quality, the more gold coin and enhance stones are deserved. But, the gear enhancement level cannot exceed the main characters level! 
The gear also has random polish attribute, and players can consume polish stones to improve these attributes. 
One last thing, players can also receive smelting points, with a chance to produce gear garments of higher quality than the original gear!

Excited? We are! 

Remember to pre-register!
- PreLaunch.Me Team

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