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FINAL DESTINY: Hero / Star Stone Info out NOW!

Jun 20, 2018
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Article 2: Information on Heroes / Star Stones

Curious about you can earn heroes and what star stones are in Final Destiny? If so, read on! 

While gaming, players can earn heroes through gaining lottery or garment synthesis. A single hero can wear up to 4 pieces of equipment. A hero quality can also be identified by colour, ascending from blue, to purple, to gold, and red (awakening). The higher the quality of the hero the stronger the stats a hero will have. A hero can consume the hero's corresponding fragment to improve the star rating, which increases the hero stats. The highest star rating is 6 stars. Higher quality heroes will have higher initial star ratings. As their star rating increases, additional hero skills will start to unlock.
Players can also improve their hero’s experience level by exploring dungeons. EXP Potions can also help a hero level up quickly. Note that a hero’s level cannot be higher than the main character's level (team level).
After a hero skill is unlocked, the player can consume Gold coins to increase the skill level, but again the skill level cannot exceed the hero’s level. Some specific hero combinations will gain combination skills.

When you earn your hero, your hero will have an initial corresponding constellation based on the settings. Hole colours and the opening sequence will differ for every constellation. Colours include red, green, blue, purple and gold. Once a hero’s level increases by 10, a new hole will unlock!
Star Stones are also divided into different colours including red (attack), green (life), blue (physical defence), and purple (magic defence). Players can embed these Star Stones into the same colour holes to obtain the corresponding Star Stone attribute. There are also gold holes that can be embedded into any colour Star Stone.
Players can also get Star Stones by challenging the Hell Tower. Players with Three low-level Star Stones can be craft the stones into a higher-level Star Stone. Players have the chance in receiving a Mutated Star Stone in each craft attempt, which is far more powerful and valuable. 
Using Mutated Star Stones in crafting or consuming Lucky Stones increase your chances in receiving more Mutated Star Stones!

Stay tuned for more information on how to earn titles, what beasts are, and what smelting is! 

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Resize,m lfit,w 300

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