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THU 8/22/2019 15:02
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Jul 23, 2018
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Hi guys,
Beta Test for Android Rise of Civilizations has already started. Come to try out the game and get the gift valued $15!
Please feel free to give your suggestions and tell us what bugs you’ve found to make this game better. All the feedback will be valued.
Comment below and 10 users giving good suggestions can get a Special Gift valued $50!!

Enjoy it!
-PreLaunch.Me Team

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leanny l 11 months

good game
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Hashino M 11 months

This game is good more realistic than lords mobile or other game like this, but there are some matters about crashing, I hope theres no cheats or bots can enter in to the game also some survey's about what we also want in the game is cool

Tiến Nguyễn 11 months

so good

Sedat A 10 months


Teddy Hallam 10 months

love it!

Locker Casanova 9 months

love it

Merő Gábor 8 months

The game is super

Natalie C 16 days

Just started playing and I am not the person who likes the strategy games but this game is getting me hooked! I discovered it through Bluestack since I play on a windows platform and I will update ltr

Natalie C 16 days

Also I wanted to add that beeing able to move building freely is awesome, usually it cost or is impossible... Cutting trees, making roads, etc is an aspect that is very appealing to me... 

Natalie C 16 days

The 3D fight, is unique in its way, I did tried a lot of games through Bluestack just to get the "ticket" and this one is really worth a try... For all that enjoy strategy games go ahead!