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MON 9/24/2018 04:13
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Jul 23, 2018
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Hi guys,
Beta Test for Android Rise of Civilizations has already started. Come to try out the game and get the gift valued $15!
Please feel free to give your suggestions and tell us what bugs you’ve found to make this game better. All the feedback will be valued.
Comment below and 10 users giving good suggestions can get a Special Gift valued $50!!

Enjoy it!
-PreLaunch.Me Team

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Stephen Liam Cozier 28 days

Hello i am the winner stephen liam cozier . how do i get my gift . 

Andre S 27 days

Best game ever  , I play everyone:D Support Top and  maks the game bether 

Florian R 27 days

Amazing game without question it just more Generals, improvement in clans like something for alliance and you could give some better reward because when I thank back about the rise of civilization reward that was just ****

S V 23 days

Good online strategy game.Legendary commanders should be more stronger than others.Good luck.

Alex AJ Jackson 16 days

Is it possible to get a 'last time was online' feature?I'm sick of not knowing who is active in the clan, i can't tell who's active or not therefore the alliance is not growing, can you please implement a feature for it

sandeep s 15 days

The game is super gud

sin m 15 days

Good game.. but hope you can additional access like teleporting in any kingdom without level limit.. thanks

Hoàng Tiến Đạt 13 days

so good

leanny l 11 days

good game
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Hashino M 11 days

This game is good more realistic than lords mobile or other game like this, but there are some matters about crashing, I hope theres no cheats or bots can enter in to the game also some survey's about what we also want in the game is cool