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With: Magic Tales Back Story

May 31, 2018
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For all those excited about With: Magic tales continuously read on for a brief summary of backstory for the game!

It all started from a battle between the four gods of Austria against the second son Genea’s Eiana, named Elias who was a fiery god. During this battle, Yulea’s mighty firepower broke through time and space creating cracks into the yuan and broke apart the continent of god. The residents living on the continent of god were then sent to another land called Aden. However the land is not just purely land, it also hold many powerful beings such as the ancient devil Gulag, the evil king Eleg, and the descendants of the ancient rebel giants. 

Because of the cracks in the Yuan Yuan clashing with the power of Julea, it creates a constant awakening of the power of Julea. If it really awakens the power, it could be a disasters to the newly traveled residents. The only way to save the new residents would be to climb up the space tower and reactivate the ancients seals. 

Beware of Devil Gulag, who even though has not completely regained consciousness, his magical power can still enslaved a large army and he is constantly launching attacks on the rules established by the foreigners...