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Jun 13, 2018
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Dear PreLaunchers,

With: Magic Tales has finally launched!!!
Have you downloaded and start playing the With: Magic Tales yet? 

Developer U.LU and us really want to hear you the important REVIEWS about the game!
Share us the review, or any suggestions. We will choose 10 lucky players to get Princess Dress or Red Castle Lord (180 days).

Happy Gaming to all our lovely users!
- U.LU & PreLaunch.Me Team 

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Anonymous about 1 year

The game crash error :-(
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Queen O about 1 year

The game worked great for me. It's very fast paced. I played for a couple hours and made it to lvl 160. It's graphically sound, haven't had any major issues, but I have found I run out of money quick.
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Mark S about 1 year

It is very fun and rocks!
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Ub E about 1 year

The game is great but some stuff you could add/improve: Explaination of Fortune, Guild rankings, guild item bank, live pvp arena (like a place on the map), and auction. 

David McKeon about 1 year

So far leveling is really quick,  battles are auto which im used to for mobile games,  graphics are decent. Overall you get a lot if ya spend a little. I gave it 4 of 5 on a review 

Cj Mazzetti about 1 year

Iv just downloaded this game and the server is under matiance.
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Mark S about 1 year

5 stars from me.

Cj Mazzetti about 1 year

Now it's working. Its good so far.

Rich G about 1 year

I have Samsung galaxy s5 and Google play won't let me down load. ..says not compatible 

Ivy S about 1 year

Working perfectly love the game