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MON 7/22/2019 08:53
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    Delay of Meeting Your Dinosaurs

    Aug 28, 2018
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    Dear trainers,
    My Dino is running towards us! However, sadly we have to keep trying to optimize the scene, gameplay, etc. to make My Dino better for its owners, our dear players!
    Therefore, it will be a little while before the dinosaurs meet their trainers. We are sorry to tell you that the launch date would be delaying to Est. Late September. 
    Thank you for your support and kind patience! 

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    ni p 11 months


    Jonathan R 9 months

    It's October already ☹
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    sunny 9 months


    Shane J 15 days

    Hey as long as the bugs are worked out , I'm sure we all have much to play till then