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WED 1/16/2019 00:09
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    Update on the Launch

    Nov 30, 2018
    Hey guys,
    Really sorry to have kept you waiting so long. 
    We have contacted the developer and here are the updates.
    1. The game is still under debugging, which takes a much longer time than expected.
    2. The devs are not sure when the game could come out yet but they really want to provide all the players with better game experience.
    Thanks for all the attention and expectation from all you guys. We will keep you informed.

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    iNfamos W about 2 months

    It's funny this is just an english release not a brand new game all they needed to do is google translate dialogue items and menus setup a na server and release it globally. No excuse for delay.

    Joshua A about 2 months

    If they wanna give us a better game experience they should throw in some extra preregistration rewards for waiting so long. 
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    Eva D about 2 months

    I was thinking the same thing Joshua
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    Masanime L about 1 month

    I agree since we are waiting much longer than anticipated they should at least give us some extra rewards to start with that's fair for us waiting

    Michael K about 1 month


    Steven D about 1 month

    This is crazy longest game ive waited on by far 
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    Rainer L 21 days

    Wtf, now they r debating which country/region to open, Philippines n Indonesia was the first to open n it was beta

    Chad R 20 days

    I think it's time to roll it on out. People are going to lose interest  and move on.  Think about the money you are losing
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    Rainer L 19 days

    I lost interest, time for rangers of obvilion 

    Steven D 16 days

    Im done with the waiting not worth it i think