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SAT 3/23/2019 01:38
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    Update on the Launch

    Nov 30, 2018
    Hey guys,
    Really sorry to have kept you waiting so long. 
    We have contacted the developer and here are the updates.
    1. The game is still under debugging, which takes a much longer time than expected.
    2. The devs are not sure when the game could come out yet but they really want to provide all the players with better game experience.
    Thanks for all the attention and expectation from all you guys. We will keep you informed.

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    Rainer L 3 months

    I lost interest, time for rangers of obvilion 

    Steven D 3 months

    Im done with the waiting not worth it i think 

    Michael H 2 months

    I think I'm done as well. been waiting for idk how many months now and nothing. I'll just move on to another MMORPG 
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    Masanime L 2 months

    The only reason I'm still waiting is they have to give a good starting gift for though even for those players who are going to be free to play

    Steven D 2 months

    I tryed but to much waiting its a giant let down im with Michael H

    Kevin S 19 days

    And it's been months and no info. I'm done waiting. I doubt it will even be out.
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    Eva D 15 days

    Just get the apk

    Steven D 9 days

    Wow still dont know when??

    Steven D 9 days

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    Eva D 7 days

    @Steven D APK Pure