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MON 7/22/2019 19:47
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    It launched

    Created by Anonymous on Sep 2, 2018

    U impatient bums



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    Garl D 11 months

    haha everyone can play this game...I don't.... good job 
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    Malum U 11 months

    I can't even find it, I tap install on Googleplay and it says item not found 
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    Tim D 11 months

    Same I'm in the US and item is not found
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    Alpaca T 11 months

    Check out the latest news guys...
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    Ed B 11 months

    Nothing to installs everytime I tap the link from here

    Anonymous 11 months

    It may have launched in only a specific area of the US

    Anonymous 11 months

    I'd contact them on FB and ask if they're launching everywhere in NA

    Kai henning b 10 months

    This region block is retarded.. 
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    Ed B 10 months

    Network error check your network and try again still not working
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    Ed B 9 months

    Maintenance update broke the game for my phone Samsung Galaxy S8 plus go to a black screen and then stops