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MON 9/24/2018 04:36
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    Temporary Removed Notification

    Sep 6, 2018
    Hey guys, bad news here.
    The dev just informed us that there were some issues with the Google Play APK. They had no choice but to temporarily remove it.
    We will inform you guys once there is any update.
    Thank you.
    PLM Team

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    Joshua A 14 days

    im playing the game just fine. you guys downloaded wrong game. What does TBD Stand for? 

    Joshua A 14 days

    is that short for To Be Delayed?
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    Kevin R 13 days

    Has it been fixed yet?
    Resize,m lfit,w 300

    Malum U 12 days

    Still  nothing..... 
    Resize,m lfit,w 300

    Admin PLM Official admin 12 days

    Guys, it will relaunch at the end of Sept hopefully - From the dev.
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    guanchen y 12 days

    Resize,m lfit,w 300

    Rodney C 12 days

    End of September.. Wtf

    Pete B 11 days

    Well taking this one off the list
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    SaȜeed R 10 days

    *** off from thisnshit

    Johan H 10 days

    My god this the worst company ever. How can they treat tje players this way?