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SAT 5/30/2020 15:17
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    How to Redeem the Gift Code

    Oct 9, 2018
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    Many players don’t know how to use the exchange code.
    Today the editor’s going to introduce how to use the exchange code. 
    1. Log in and get to the main stage. Click the Character on top of your screen on the left side.
    2. Find the button “Exchange Code” as the GIF picture shows.
    3. Just type in the exchange code you got! The exchange code can get from the event hold by Epic Fantasy Group.
    Have fun!

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    Malum U over 1 year

    Fix the network errors

    Guy Muis over 1 year

    Game works

    Guy Muis over 1 year

    Download again
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    Alpaca T over 1 year

    yes, also works fine with me now
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    Malum U over 1 year

    All good xD 

    k'r L over 1 year

    The game works! Finally lol. Waitting for more gameplays or  informantion. Is there any more event for the new players? Or any new gifts? The characters info is also limited which we players want more

    Dustin M over 1 year

    Worst Dev team ever, lots of hacks and an error where you can max out toon stars and levels. Hope you didnt spend money here....