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TUE 8/14/2018 12:41
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About the Mystery Gift Codes

Aug 2, 2018
We feel sorry that some players can not redeem their mystery gift codes from Prelaunch.me.
To solve this problem, we are preparing some new ones. 
We will send out the codes again through Prelaunch.me as soon as possible. 
Thank you for your understanding!

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macro 2 12 days

for now they allow you to use only one of the two
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macro 2 12 days

if you create new account you can use the other code there
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Jay M 12 days

News says we get new codes yay

Pilgrim's P 12 days

I used the pre-launch code and it gave me the third place prize? 

Pilgrim's P 12 days

Now I can't use my spin ticket for the first place prize 

huidsfr y 11 days


Robby Lawrence 11 days

I didnt get the code?
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Dark E 5 days

Any updates on new codes, or did it get swepted under the rug yet again?  

huidsfr y 4 days

try the new code on pre launch if it work use my code to get extra gems ok?

huidsfr y 4 days

279395046971  add me on invitiation code