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SAT 7/4/2020 15:28
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Connection issues anyone?

Created by Vincenzo K on Jul 31, 2015

Anyone else not able to log in???



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Terry K almost 5 years

Bah it's em' bugs
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Steven O almost 5 years

I got it about 1hr and a half ago logged off n cant get back on now
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Dani W almost 5 years

I just hope it starts working soon. I want to get playing again, i was on a roll.
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Draco X almost 5 years

The developers announced on the game forums that they are aware many can not login and  are looking into expanding their servers, no estimate on when.

David S almost 5 years

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Jereme T almost 5 years

while there at it they need to fix all the disconnect bs

Chance S almost 5 years

Already deleted game. Even a relatively faulty launch is still acceptable. But an all out failure is too much.

Torrey W almost 5 years

I cant see the code and i am preregistered

Vincenzo K almost 5 years

Assuming it's an all out failure shouldn't be done. It released not too long ago
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Christopher T almost 5 years

I deleted the game as well too boring same as any other game mmrpg with stamina