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SUN 7/5/2020 02:12
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Survival Heroes Start Pre-Registration Now!

Aug 10, 2018
Hi PLMer,

Get ready to gather your friends, explore treasures and crush any others in your way. It's time to prove if you are the king of the valley. Will you be the last one standing?
Experience Survival  Heroes, a distinctive nonlinear multiplayer online battle royale!

Pre register now to get PLM pre-reg gift:
PLM Pre-Registration Gift
2000 Gold     
3-Battle Double XP Card   
3-Battle Double Gold Card              
Hip Bat for 7 days

How to claim your gift:
Go to the gift center of the website: http://survivalheroes.snail.com/static/act/gift/index.html
Select“PLM Pre-Registration Gift” and input the keys sent to your email and redeem the gifts.

Have Fun!
--PreLaunch.Me & Snail Games Team


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A A almost 2 years


Donny L almost 2 years

Why i cant i find any button to click for pre-reg

Bigg R almost 2 years

@DannyL its at very bottom of screen i didnt see it at first either
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Anonymouķvgggbhjjjhcvbbkkks K almost 2 years

I meet the problem too
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Kibra E over 1 year

Same with me

Alice L over 1 year

Why no EU ??? 
Resize,m lfit,w 300

guanchen y over 1 year

Resize,m lfit,w 300

Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year