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How to Redeem Code&Launch Countries

Oct 9, 2018
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Hey guys,

Survival Heroes has launched just now. It's open to US, Canada and Mexico, iOS&Android.

Check out the gift code (only for registered users) and have fun!

How to claim your gift:
Go to the gift center of the website: http://survivalheroes.snail.com/static/act/gift/index.html
Select“PLM Pre-Registration Gift” and input the keys sent to your email and redeem the gifts.

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Admin PLM Official admin 10 days

@Yamini O The devs said the EU server is in progress. Stay tuned. ;)

Rapid_Ranger p 10 days

I put my code in at the website went into game and can't find my rewards.

Yang T 10 days

The gift will be directly sent into the game account.

Semir Kardas 10 days

Never got an email about the game being released... but its on google play store. 

Giorgos E 10 days

Naah I've got everything they sent the code to email buut cant play thw game at europe

Giorgos E 10 days

But i still can find it from other site
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SaȜeed R 9 days

i didnt get it

Jord L 9 days

When is the game available in UK? 

Kevin S 8 days

I get error message gift to send failed
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Admin PLM Official admin 8 days

Hey guys, if you have the gift problems, plz write to epicfantasy@lchuyu.com to ask the developer for help