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Dec 7, 2018
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Hey guys,

FOUR days left for pre-registration event!

Now there are alomst 2.4K pre-registered users who can get the Luxury Gift Package:  
EXP Potion (Basic)*5
Shuffle Stone*3

But if more than 3,000 users register for OOO, each registered user gets a SUPREME package as a gift: 
EXP Potion (Basic)*5→EXP Potion (Intermediate)*5
Shuffle Stone*3→Sharpening Stone*5

Please Make sure to Pre-Register for Overlords of Oblivion while you still can!

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Blaiseiken 2 days

Are we still able to send in our screenshots for our Warriors of Light account and get compensation for WOL in this game, by any chance?
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Admin PLM Official admin about 6 hours

@Blaiseiken Hi, sorry to inform you that WOL has closed. 

Global Launch Is Coming!

Nov 27, 2018
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Hail to our Lords!

We are sorry to have kept you lords waiting so long, here, we bring three good news as followings.

Firstly, we are very glad to announce that Overlords of Oblivion will OFFICIALLY LAUNCH in all regions on December 11, 2018, available for both OS store.
Secondly, to provide our players a better experience, we will launch our first EST server on December 3, 2018. This server is also the “Data-save” server and will be available for Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Mexico, on both iOS and Android. 
First EST server: 00: 00 AM December 3, 2018, UTC -5
Regions and platforms:
Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Mexico, iOS and Android

Global Launch: 10:00 AM December 11, 2018, UTC -5
Regions and platforms:
Globally, iOS and Android.

Thirdly, in order to celebrate the Global Launch and express our thanks sincerely to our players, we have prepared the rewards below, all the overlords will receive the items below from in-game mail.
Gold * 188
Silver * 100,000
Avatar Essence * 10
Refining Stone * 10
Gem Chest * 5
It has been more than 1 month from Overlords of Oblivion first soft launching. Now we want to share some data to you guys, more than fifty thousand players had joined the test and helped us fixed more than 150 bugs. Our game became better and better and our user rating in store is more than 4.7/5 now. The game was also featured by Googleplay in multiple regions and there are more than 800 thousand players have pre-registered our game in Appstore and Googleplay store. Here, we want to say thanks to all the one who likes our game. We can’t achieve this success without your great supports. Thank you, thank you very much!

Many thanks for the support to our game, and we will keep doing our best to improve!

The OoO Team
November 27, 2018


Tiantang Mofa 12 days

Go Go Go!

Raymond S 12 days

Hey, if all this time meant you guys got the chance to fix bugs so our experience is better, then more power to you. I'd rather a game take and turn out great. Can't wait for global release!
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Snow A 12 days

I was starting hating you guys for making me waiting so long but have great deed to do so ill wait cant fkg wait playing that game
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Rodney C 9 days

I'm est but in US. So there going to have a head start??? 

Ultimate Battle Experience

Oct 11, 2018
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11 BUTTONS in total! 
Yes, you did see it right: there are 11 buttons in total that you need to use during a typical OOO battle. 
More than that, the Combo system, being the soul of this game, is such a wonderful experience that you never want to miss. 
Come to know the gameplay in detail and learn the joy behind it!

There are 4 basic active skills for each class and Dodge as a common skill. For each basic skill, a Combo move can be unlocked with higher Avatar Star-level. Use the Combo moves wisely can keep the enemy airborne for a long while and deal a lot of damage meanwhile. Besides, each specific Avatar will have a different special skill. (The one shown on the top.) 

Take Bladedancer as an example, a typical battle will start with skill “Bladesurge” to knock enemy up. Combine Normal Attack and “Death Lotus” to stack up Fury while dealing damage. When Fury is stacked up to 3, you can cast the ultimate skill “Lethal Rake” to finish the Enemy.

Other than the skills mentioned above, you will unlock Elemental Abilities in the mid-game after joining a guild. The Elemental Abilities have 3 categories: Ice, Thunder and Fire, including both active and passive abilities. Different abilities will suit various situations.

In conclusion, the most important thing in OOO battle is to make sure you are in a good battle rhythm! Learn to balance all these 11 skills and defeat enemies with your wombo-combos!


Tiantang Mofa about 2 months

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Mark M about 2 months

Can we play already tired of hearing about it and seeing clips of you guys having all the fun sorry just my opinion

li x 27 days

I like it
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iNfamos W 26 days

Sounds great so where is the game? It's November already.
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Admin PLM Official admin 26 days

Hey guys, please kindly wait. It's been delayed due to debugging. Maybe the end of November.

How can OOO be a game's name?

Sep 28, 2018
We received a message from a gamer, let me share with you:

Recently, a new game comes out w/ a very funny name. Tripe O it is, which named ‘Overlords of Oblivion’. Lol.

I am really looking forward to play this game the avatars look stunning and the game environment appears dashing. I can’t wait to try out all the avatars to see which ones will match me the best in style. 

The incredible visual style is really an eye catcher! This game will provide a great place for players to explore, get involved with challenges and make Alliances to defeat enemies. 

The combination of knockabout and object-smashing action attracts me very much.

I feel this is quite a masterwork under the RPG’s.


Pach 2 months

It does look nice

Melvin Barnwell 2 months


Tiantang Mofa 2 months

I think so!
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loven 2 months

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shadow n 2 months


li x about 1 month

I like it

James B 12 days

What's a tripe O? Devs cant even spell... dont expect much...

Berserker—Gurkoth & Arkhus

Sep 15, 2018
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The background stories of berserker Avatars II

Gurkoth – Time Messenger
He is the father who created me and you are my old friend. This makes me choose. The Father gave me life and I can't betray him. Lucifer, I can only help you to this step. I will accelerate the time to make the pain less lasting.

Arkhus – Unyielding Angel 
Why do you force me to surrender? I will never obey the such despicable creature appearing after me. Before his birth, I have already existed. He should surrender to me. The Father declared Adam to be the Saint Son and asked the angels to obey him. Arkhus was unwilling and was demoted into the mortal world.


Tiantang Mofa 3 months

ARPG is good!

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