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Berserker—Gurkoth & Arkhus

Sep 15, 2018
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The background stories of berserker Avatars II

Gurkoth – Time Messenger
He is the father who created me and you are my old friend. This makes me choose. The Father gave me life and I can't betray him. Lucifer, I can only help you to this step. I will accelerate the time to make the pain less lasting.

Arkhus – Unyielding Angel 
Why do you force me to surrender? I will never obey the such despicable creature appearing after me. Before his birth, I have already existed. He should surrender to me. The Father declared Adam to be the Saint Son and asked the angels to obey him. Arkhus was unwilling and was demoted into the mortal world.


Tiantang Mofa over 1 year

ARPG is good!