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MON 11/18/2019 06:44
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How can OOO be a game's name?

Sep 28, 2018
We received a message from a gamer, let me share with you:

Recently, a new game comes out w/ a very funny name. Tripe O it is, which named ‘Overlords of Oblivion’. Lol.

I am really looking forward to play this game the avatars look stunning and the game environment appears dashing. I can’t wait to try out all the avatars to see which ones will match me the best in style. 

The incredible visual style is really an eye catcher! This game will provide a great place for players to explore, get involved with challenges and make Alliances to defeat enemies. 

The combination of knockabout and object-smashing action attracts me very much.

I feel this is quite a masterwork under the RPG’s.


Pach about 1 year

It does look nice

Melvin Barnwell about 1 year


Tiantang Mofa about 1 year

I think so!
Resize,m lfit,w 300

loven about 1 year

Resize,m lfit,w 300

ni p about 1 year


li x about 1 year

I like it

James B 12 months

What's a tripe O? Devs cant even spell... dont expect much...