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Ultimate Battle Experience

Oct 11, 2018
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11 BUTTONS in total! 
Yes, you did see it right: there are 11 buttons in total that you need to use during a typical OOO battle. 
More than that, the Combo system, being the soul of this game, is such a wonderful experience that you never want to miss. 
Come to know the gameplay in detail and learn the joy behind it!

There are 4 basic active skills for each class and Dodge as a common skill. For each basic skill, a Combo move can be unlocked with higher Avatar Star-level. Use the Combo moves wisely can keep the enemy airborne for a long while and deal a lot of damage meanwhile. Besides, each specific Avatar will have a different special skill. (The one shown on the top.) 

Take Bladedancer as an example, a typical battle will start with skill “Bladesurge” to knock enemy up. Combine Normal Attack and “Death Lotus” to stack up Fury while dealing damage. When Fury is stacked up to 3, you can cast the ultimate skill “Lethal Rake” to finish the Enemy.

Other than the skills mentioned above, you will unlock Elemental Abilities in the mid-game after joining a guild. The Elemental Abilities have 3 categories: Ice, Thunder and Fire, including both active and passive abilities. Different abilities will suit various situations.

In conclusion, the most important thing in OOO battle is to make sure you are in a good battle rhythm! Learn to balance all these 11 skills and defeat enemies with your wombo-combos!


Tiantang Mofa over 1 year

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Mark M over 1 year

Can we play already tired of hearing about it and seeing clips of you guys having all the fun sorry just my opinion

li x over 1 year

I like it
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iNfamos W over 1 year

Sounds great so where is the game? It's November already.
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

Hey guys, please kindly wait. It's been delayed due to debugging. Maybe the end of November.