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Global Launch Is Coming!

Nov 27, 2018
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Hail to our Lords!

We are sorry to have kept you lords waiting so long, here, we bring three good news as followings.

Firstly, we are very glad to announce that Overlords of Oblivion will OFFICIALLY LAUNCH in all regions on December 11, 2018, available for both OS store.
Secondly, to provide our players a better experience, we will launch our first EST server on December 3, 2018. This server is also the “Data-save” server and will be available for Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Mexico, on both iOS and Android. 
First EST server: 00: 00 AM December 3, 2018, UTC -5
Regions and platforms:
Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Mexico, iOS and Android

Global Launch: 10:00 AM December 11, 2018, UTC -5
Regions and platforms:
Globally, iOS and Android.

Thirdly, in order to celebrate the Global Launch and express our thanks sincerely to our players, we have prepared the rewards below, all the overlords will receive the items below from in-game mail.
Gold * 188
Silver * 100,000
Avatar Essence * 10
Refining Stone * 10
Gem Chest * 5
It has been more than 1 month from Overlords of Oblivion first soft launching. Now we want to share some data to you guys, more than fifty thousand players had joined the test and helped us fixed more than 150 bugs. Our game became better and better and our user rating in store is more than 4.7/5 now. The game was also featured by Googleplay in multiple regions and there are more than 800 thousand players have pre-registered our game in Appstore and Googleplay store. Here, we want to say thanks to all the one who likes our game. We can’t achieve this success without your great supports. Thank you, thank you very much!

Many thanks for the support to our game, and we will keep doing our best to improve!

The OoO Team
November 27, 2018


Tiantang Mofa over 1 year

Go Go Go!

Raymond S over 1 year

Hey, if all this time meant you guys got the chance to fix bugs so our experience is better, then more power to you. I'd rather a game take and turn out great. Can't wait for global release!
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Snow A over 1 year

I was starting hating you guys for making me waiting so long but have great deed to do so ill wait cant fkg wait playing that game
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Rodney C over 1 year

I'm est but in US. So there going to have a head start???