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MON 7/22/2019 19:38
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Forming a team with cool name

Created by Masanime L on Aug 11, 2018

So I was thinking I was thinking about forming in the early team on I'm usually a free-to-play anticipating women lady it depends on what game it is so does anybody want to form a team with me?


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Sonic 1 11 months

CBT just ended :'(
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Masanime L 11 months

It is kind of sad but now we have a good idea how the game works good luck to any and everyone when the game officially starts and best of luck on all your summons

Sugiura Y 11 months

Finally they will release the stupid game \^-^/

Paul Lester Taller 11 months

Who wants Grand prizr of pre reg code ? im selling it
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Daniel R 11 months

Lol selling a free code? Scumbag
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Masanime L 11 months

3: AM what a release time since i work alot im going to join a team
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Kevin Olaf S 11 months

Definitely interested in joining a team.

Dean C 11 months


AJAY K 11 months

Team !
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Jamarceia P 11 months

Any folks here have room in a guild