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SUN 1/19/2020 12:06
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Sincerely Sorry for the Postponement

Aug 28, 2018
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In order to provide the best gaming experience, we hope that every adventurer can enjoy exploring in the Land of Erin. Here, the game is  under optimization and will be launched at 2:00 AM, Sep. 6th(UTC-5).

Sincerely sorry for the postponement and thank for your patience!

Meanwhile, in order to show our appreciation for your support, we have prepared a extra gift code (TOE54321) for you. All the adventurers can use it to redeem [Free Star Gem*200,Pact Scroll*1,Erin’s Heart*2] and other abundant rewards by logging in the game after server opens.

For more news and welfares, please keep track of our Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/TalesofErin

Your suggestions towards the game will be listened carefully and we invite you to optimize the game together!

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Ziquez Moon over 1 year

 Gg hopefully when it releases it won't be a let down
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Lily R over 1 year

Oh well.. I can wait for it. No rush

Richard S over 1 year

Atleast you communicate with Players unlike my Dino!
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Shadow K over 1 year

It comes out the day battlefield 5s beta. That's ridiculous. 
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Minh-Thu L over 1 year

There’s going to be CBT tomorrow at 2am (UTC-5) for Android players before iOS
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Replica S over 1 year

September 6???? 

ni p over 1 year

i can wait ~

Sugiura Y over 1 year

Let's just wish they release it by the 6th..

Tyrone Marsaw 4 months


Tyrone Marsaw 4 months

Tyrone Marsaw is sooo.   Cool gamer.