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What’s your First Impression? - 25min Gameplay

Sep 7, 2018
Hi PLMer,

Tales of Erin has finally launched! 
Have you checked your special gift codes for Tales of Erin? 
Here's a 25 min gameplay. Hope you enjoy the game as well:)

Please comment below to share us your first impression of Tales of Erin!

Thanks for your love!
--PLM Team

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Nelson P about 1 year

It is very nice!! I especially like the divinity system!! It adds a little oomph to the game!! ^.^
Resize,m lfit,w 300

April W about 1 year

I got 4 five stars in 2 x10 summons. And i got one from the free summon scrolls

Zech about 1 year

Honestly, the drop rates suck and that's enough to pull me away.

Jym D about 1 year

Where do you input the gift codes??

Joshua W about 1 year

Jump you have to get passed the part where you get asked to enter your name... Afterwards clock where it showed the exp bar and name then in the bottom right corner

Joshua W about 1 year

My first impressions are, the game has potential but the ability to level and the farming required to get passed the nation story is asinine... Limitations seem to almost force you to spend money

Joshua W about 1 year

Making this borderline p2w MMORPG which will attract a very toxic community!

Michael F about 1 year

I haven't spent a dime and I love this game. 

Michael F about 1 year

The company gives a way so much and the game is very f2p. Massive battle and trials is the bread and butter for f2p players. 

Michael I about 1 year

So far great exp loving the game