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Created by PLM on Oct 7, 2018

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Molten F about 1 year

I can not wait for it to come out looks really cool and well made.
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Lazarnephz about 1 year

It's December now, is the game out yet? Or atleast the ctb
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Lazarnephz about 1 year

Well i got an email saying the beta is soon and i got to say I'm hyped the gameplay looks great. I just hope microtransactions are handled well that always kills a game for me
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Ether Games Official admin about 1 year

Android Beta is out last week, please let know if you havent got it yet. Thank you. 
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Lazarnephz 12 months

I haven't 
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Ether Games Official admin 12 months

Can you pls mail me your email ID to gokul@etheritsolutions.com
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brian k 12 months

Haven't got it on Google and the email I received from you guys trys to download it using Google drive so it instantly fails and closes

Brendan L 12 months

I havent got a download yet
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Lazarnephz 10 months

When was this game supposed to launch? 
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D0NL 4 months

Very nice game.