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SUN 7/5/2020 22:10
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    Updates on the NEWEST VERSION!

    Oct 25, 2018
    Excited about new version because we are! 
    The newest version comes with new outfits! Exclusive for the Cross- Server Top legion Caption in the new version, paired with new wings! 
    Oh, and there will be more than one Cross- Serve War.
    The Cross-Server War is divided into 4 separate gameplays! Cross-server have Hidden secrets, 3v3 Honor Battle, Arena, and Legion War. 
    Previously, you could only fight with friends on one server. But now it’s a Cross-Server, which means the scene will be more ambitious. The rules of the cross-server war are still roughly the same, however the rewards are much better!
    Stayed Tuned for more information about the Captions in Cross Servers!
    -PreLaunch.Me Team