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Recommended Hero(Grand Prize) - Hua Tuo Ⅱ

Nov 10, 2018
Resize,m lfit,w 650
Hua Tuo's Affiliate:

★Crescent Boots
Recharge any amount and get for free! Hua Tuo receives an extra 30% SPD when equipped with Crescent Boots

★White Lion 
Can be acquired through events. Hua Tuo receives an extra 30% ATK when equipped with White Lion

★Judgement Pen
Can be acquired through events. Hua Tuo receives an extra 30% HP when equipped with Judgement Pen

★Iron Wings
Can be acquired through Giftbags. Hua Tuo receives an extra 30% HP when equipped with Iron Wings

★Book of Medicine
Can be acquired through events. Hua Tuo receives an extra 30% when equipped with Book of Medicine

As a prime Healer that can be used in the early, middle, and late game, Hua Tuo contributes by naturally having high speed, allowing him to heal and disable the targets steadily, making him a very solid pick. 

We strongly recommend him if you are looking for a stable Healer in the Back Row!

Resize,m lfit,w 300

Alpaca T over 1 year

All the gifts will be sent after the game releases.

Recommended Hero(Grand Prize) - Hua Tuo Ⅰ

Nov 9, 2018
Resize,m lfit,w 650
Today we recommend a ‘Super Healer’, his name is Hua Tuo. (The Grand Prize!)

This legendary Healer’s 3 main stats are CON(HP), INT(INT Attack, Magic Defense), AGI(SPD, CTR). 
His skill ‘Anesthetic’ has 100% chance to apply Paralyze on the enemy with the lowest DEF for 1 turn(target affected by Paralyze cannot move for 1 turn) and heal friendly allies for 80% of his ATK.

Hua Tuo’s Affiliate can be acquired through events, Hua Tuo can be used with any Formation, because his Affiliate is depended on Equipment and not other Heroes.

So what's Hua Tuo's Affiliate? Stay tuned!

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Rice S over 1 year

I got the grand prize
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Kevin R over 1 year

Same here
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Rell Y over 1 year

me too

Recommended Hero - Cao Ren Ⅱ

Nov 2, 2018
Resize,m lfit,w 650
There are two primary builds for Cao Ren in the late game:

Low SPD Cao Ren
Due to Cao Ren’s Invulnerability from ‘Reliable’, she’s able to take 0 DMG from many skills and basic attacks, it’s quite a pain for the opponent. Which means she can save the points she would’ve needed for AGI and reallocate them to more defensive Stats

High SPD Cao Ren 
Due to Cao Ren’s Fear on the enemy front row, by having high speed she can have a stable Fear on the enemy’s front row, stopping them from attacking and casting skills.

She really is a very versatile Tank!

Will you use Cao Ren in the battle?

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Dark E over 1 year

Will her name in the game be Cao Ren like typed here, or Caoren in the pic?
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Admin PLM Official admin over 1 year

@Dark E Cao Ren, from the dev, lol 

Recommended Hero - Cao Ren Ⅰ

Oct 31, 2018
Resize,m lfit,w 650
Today we recommend a SUPER Tank Hero, her name is Cao Ren. 

She possesses a high growth of all 3 main traits a good tank needs; CON(HP), PWR(PWR Attack/Physical Defense), CHR(Defense, Skill Res). 
Cao Ren was built to be a natural tank, her skill ‘Reliable’ grants her invulnerability for 1 turn, and fears all front row targets for 1 turn (feared targets cannot move for 1 turn).

Cao Ren’s Affiliate is very easy to collect, the 2 A Quality Heroes are easy to come by, as long as you have Cao Cao and Xu Huang, you can activate 2 tiers of Attack and HP+15% Affiliate, increase Attack and HP by a total of 30%!!

My God! It’s just like the name of her skill ‘Reliable’, she’s one of the first pick tanks and will protect your other heroes from being harmed!

Please stay tuned for Recommended Hero - Cao Ren Ⅱ!


Pre-Registration Starts Now!

Oct 30, 2018
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Idle Dynasty-10x Gold starts PRE-REGISTRATION campaign now!

★Make sure to pre-register for Idle Dynasty-10x Gold and get these rewards while you still can.

【Pre-Reg Gift】
  Cao Ren Soul*30
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★Spin the mystery box and get the chance to win the Hua Tuo Soul!

【Grand Prize】
  Hua Tuo Soul*30
【First Prize】
  Gold*1000 Prestige*10 Medal*3
【Second Prize】
  Gold*700 Advance Stone*20
【Third Prize】
  Gold*350 Advance Stone*20

Stay tuned for more info coming soon!

- Idle Dynasty Team