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THU 3/21/2019 08:50
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    What Can You Do in OutlivedⅡ

    Nov 6, 2018
    ※Communicate with other survivors※
    You are not the only survivors here, Invite players from all over the world to your self-customized base camp. However, you cannot be sure that they are friends or enemies, add friends discreetly and selectively, build your own clan with trustworthy partners to survive to the end. 
    ※Get rich Loots form Various multi-player events※
    More than 40 PVP Events, BOSS Rush, Random map and raid activity are waiting for you to conquer. However, it might be tough to live on your own in these areas, hang out with your clan, be united as one to ride out the storm, and get rich boss loot after the battle. 
    Now, tell me. To live in the safe pre-apocalypse society like a numb creature, or OUTLIVED here as a real human, which one do you choose?


    Joshua W 4 months

    I think the gods that allowed me to survive would have allowed me some collection of goods to make sure I had a fighting chance

    Joshua W 4 months

    So far this survival game in the phone has been one of the better ones but following the pubg features maybe the wrong direction for a survival game