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Final Review?

Dec 17, 2015
What are your final thoughts of Zenonia S: Rifts In Time?

Use the comments below to give your rating? You don;'t have to worry about hurting any feelings, GAMEVIL is tough enough to handle it!

A+, 10/10, or 5 Stars?

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Marko F over 3 years

9.5/10 because of the force close issue. But awesome overall.....

Gilvin D over 3 years

But seriously I would give 9.6/10 I would like the battle pets be stronger and for the reset on equipment be cheaper.

Bryce C over 3 years


Ivan M over 3 years

1/10 because its not open world

John L over 3 years

I don't know. I want to go 10/10 but my pre register code was already expired when I tried to redeem it...
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Scylla G about 3 years

10/10 All ze way.
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Jake J about 3 years

I'll give it an 3/10 as it changed a lot and for me not to good. I was so interested and let down because of this game. I stopped playing by now. Zenonia 5 was the best, I'm sorry for my harsh words.

NZ K almost 3 years

I need a code on asian sever plz

Brittany P almost 3 years

Is there any new codes that aren't expired?
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iNfamos W almost 3 years

Chibi design is sooooo played out. Smh