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Dec 2, 2018
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Today, we're announcing that MIA Online launch date will be moved to a later date this December 2018.

A month ago, we've had tens of thousands of players joined our group discussions online and offline - where we are spurred with recommendations to make some meaningful improvements to the core gameplay experience. We are honored to receive first hand feedback and recommendations to further enhance your loyalty to the game.

We believe we have one of the best Cross-platform MMORPG ever on our hands. A game that will deliver epic twists and storyline, deep multiplayer experience and massive Nation versus Nation PVP action for our beloved gamers.

It is our top priority to ensure that we deliver what the gamer wants. We're going to take a little more time to continue to make some final adjustments and testing to core gameplay, and to ensure that we really deliver the full potential of MIA Online. We will also look into polishing the game settings and features, all to better accommodate all our gamers across the globe! You'll see a lot of these reflected on the coming launch. Hence, we have decided to push back the Android and iOS versions followed by the PC Client release.

As we make this adjustment, our Pre-Registration phase will be extended, unregistered players will have more time to register.

While we know that players are eagerly waiting for the launch, we have reached this decision with the vision of launching a game that will meet our players’ expectations. We want to thank you for all your continued passion and support! We hope to maintain and build on that support for the years to come!

We expect our release date to roll out within the same month. Players will not have to wait for too long. More details will be posted soon! 


Safe07 10 months

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Jean C 10 months

Time to find another MMO..lets hope when you guys are back the hype woul still alive, delaying usually only hurts the game.
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Alpaca T 10 months

It usually haappens. Sigh
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Masanime L 10 months

I just hope they give us more gifts to start with that will help the interest
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Espero 10 months

@Jean C You should be happy they care about the community, many companies don't.

Jean C 10 months

@Espero why i should be happy for a private  company doing their work? We are just dolar signs for them, don't fool yourself with the coton candy words.