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TUE 1/15/2019 23:47
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Gift Code Bug Fixed

Jan 7, 2019
Hey guys,

Glad to inform you guys that the gift code bug has been fixed!
Plz tap the pink gift code button and get your code.

Thank guys who reported the bug to us!

Enjoy gaming!

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Robert A 4 days

Tried to redeem my code and says already been used and just installed game

Gift Code Problem

Jan 4, 2019
Hey guys,

Users who pre-registered for or followed the game from December 4, 2018 to January 3, 2019 likely didn't get the code they supposed to get. 

We will fix this bug ASAP and let you know after it's done.


Jeffrey Frempong 12 days


Rob Keister 9 days

Thank you I was wondering why a code never showed up
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Admin PLM Official admin 8 days

Hey guys,  the bug has been fixed. Plz check it out.

So what kind of gift this time?

Nov 23, 2018
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Hey guys,

Have you noticed the Super PLM Gift this time?
It contains 300 diamonds , 2 beers, 2 arena tickets, 1 black crystal (Over$25!)

Used to senior invite in bar. In Senior Invitation, the odd of 3-star hero is 78%, 4-star hero is 20.2%, 5-star hero is 1.8%.

Black Crystal
Used to invite at least 4-star hero or hero shards.

Arena Ticket
Used to fight Arena battles.

Come get it!
Please make sure to download it through PreLaunch.Me!

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Kira about 2 months



Nov 22, 2018
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Recruit survivors, transform zombies, build a mighty team to defend your home!
High intelligence AI automatic play, say goodbye to manual operation, free your hands!
Get loot even while you’re offline, abundant rewards are waiting for you!

【Line Up Strategy】
Hundreds of companions and transformed zombies with specific skills! Build a unique team!
Class match, faction restrain. Strategic team formation, say no to regular gameplay!
Diversified cultivate system, level up your hero, start your journey of survival! 

【Tons of Gameplay】
Stage search, resist zombies to obtain supplies, it’s the only way to survive when doom comes!
Tower of doomsday, challenge the monsters level by level!
Brave raid, a path that you can’t retreat, the failure is death!
Mysterious crystal, transformation institute, lucky roulette, enjoy your game!

Mutual assistance, send hearts to your friends! Friends don't let each other wander in the dark alone!
Fight in the arena, only the strongest can lead companions to survive in the competition!

【Cooperative Guild】
Create a guild with your friends and lead your guild to supremacy!
Fight alongside other guild members, challenge the guild Boss, obtain great rewards!
The powerful guild tech can make you stand out in battles!
The exciting guild war, challenge other survivor camps, fight for glory!


Email us at tojoygame@gmail.com

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