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Guide: Small, Destroyers and SubmarinesⅠ

Dec 30, 2018
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Today I’m going to talk about some small ships that is useful in the game. They will be drawn from destroyers, submarines and Monitors.

Ayanami is a pretty common destroyer that can be found in all the maps in chapter I and II. However, she is one of the best destroyers in the game as her skill after mod, Demon of Solomon, gives her a drastic boost in damage dealing during night battle and allow her to ignore the drawback of being damaged (although she still can’t make an attack if she is critically damaged). With that in mind, Ayanami with full torpedo build is always a last try against any target other then a Fortress or Airfield, as torpedoes can’t be used against these types of targets.

Le Fantasque
Le Fantasque is available from both construction and sortie drop. Although she is not that much a damage dealer as Ayanami is, she has the highest evasion attribute among all ships in game. This, along with her skill High-speed Maneuver which grants her a chance to dodge incoming attacks, makes her almost indestructible. Moreover, she is one of the fastest ships in the game, making her even more useful when there is an outflank point on the way as the outflank possibility is determined by the average speed of the fleet.