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WED 11/20/2019 01:34
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Plz Update PLM App to Join in the Event!

Dec 28, 2018
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Dear Admirals, 

Plz update PLM App so that you won't miss out our New Year Event!

1. Update PLM App.
2. Open the app, go to home page - Events and find Warship Girls New Year Event.
3. Tap the Join button and you are in!
4. Tap the pink gift button to get your gift codes.

Enjoy gaming! 

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Konig W 11 months

Code doesn't work. 
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Admin PLM Official admin 11 months

@Konig W Hi Konig, plz kindly head over to WSG FB fan page to report your issue https://www.facebook.com/WarshipGirls/?ref=br_rs

Jason Petko 10 months