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Guide: Small, Destroyers and SubmarinesⅡ

Jan 9, 2019
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There aren’t many submarines that can be modded in game, and Albacore is one among the few. This already earns her a spot on the list, but on top of that she has a strong attribute both before and after modification, and also she is the easiest acquired submarine in the game with the highest construct possibility. Submarines are small yet fearsome, and everyone should start to build a submarine fleet starting mid game. When you do, Albacore is always a reliable choice.

Monitors are one of the ship types that aren’t always useful but can be very handy in some situations should you have one. When you have the time and resource to train one, Roberts is always a good choice to go to, as she is both easily obtained and powerful after mod (comparing to other monitors, of course). Also, monitors’ sortie cost is just a little bit higher then destroyers, so if you acquire one early game, it is also a good idea to put her in to the fleet as she can provide some serious firepower (almost the same as battleships) with a much smaller cost.

Thank you all for reading!